Crime is on the rise, and business owners need to take extra precautions to protect their property and employees. 

According to the FBI, businesses are 5 times more likely to be broken into than homes. And a burglary can mean big losses for a business- from stolen equipment and inventory to damaged property and decreased morale. 

One way to help protect your business is by installing high-security locks. These locks are harder to pick or break into and can provide an extra layer of security for your property and employees.

With the advancement in lock technology over the years, high-security locks have become more popular.

These locks present a challenge to anyone trying to break into a building or car.

In addition, they are designed to resist tampering which means they will work as expected even if someone attempts to pick them up.

What are the benefits of having High-Security Locks for Your Business?

Not only are high-security locks difficult to break into, but they can also protect your business in other ways. When you’re looking for a new lock, consider the benefits of installing one that will guard against problems like these:

Fire – older key or combination locks can melt or burn when exposed to heat. High-security locks are made with materials that are more resistant to this type of damage.

Theft – high-security locks are designed so they can be rekeyed and reused. Because of this, you won’t have to replace the entire lock if someone steals the keys or combination numbers.

Tampering and vandalism – high-security locks are durable and tamper-resistant. When installed at the building entrance, they turn away vandals who can’t break or pick them open.

Lockouts – standard locks often wear down over time. This is even more likely when they’re used by multiple people like in a school or business setting. Because high-security locks can be rekeyed, you don’t have to purchase a new one when the lock starts to wear down or if it’s ever locked out.

Lost keys – with your business key stuck in a standard lock, it isn’t much you can do except replace the entire lock and start over. But when you have a high-security lock, you can rekey the lock to use the same key again.

Broken keys – a standard lock might still be used even when it’s broken into two pieces. But this is not possible with a high-security lock because it requires all parts of the key to work properly. This feature can prevent injuries or even loss of life in the case of a fire.

Expense – ultimately, high-security locks are more expensive to purchase than standard ones. But they are also durable and offer an affordable solution for protecting your business over time. And because you won’t have to replace them as often, there will be savings in the long run.

Employees – as an added benefit, high-security locks can make it easier for employees to do their jobs. For example, these locks allow access by emergency personnel and delivery people who need quick and unrestricted access inside your business. If you’re looking for a lock that offers maximum security and safety, you might want to consider high-security locks.

FAQs about Why You Might Want to Consider High-Security Locks for Your Business

What is a high-security lock?

A high-security lock is designed to be difficult, if not impossible, to pick or break into. They are made with extensive testing and use the latest technology.

Because of this, these types of locks are typically found in banks, government buildings, military installations, medical facilities, vaults, and other security properties.

Why are they used?

High-security locks are designed for security purposes only. This means the highest level of protection possible against forced entry, tampering, and other concerns.

The specific features that make them secure vary but usually include sturdy materials that cannot be cut or broken through easily by thieves or vandals.

Other common security features might include special or custom keys and advanced locking mechanisms.

Are they appropriate for other places besides businesses?

High-security locks can be used anywhere where there is a need to secure property, prevent unauthorized access and discourage forced entry.

This includes homes, storage facilities, museums, and more.

They offer added protection against problems like fire and theft that standard locks may not guard against as well.

How high do security locks work?

High-security locks help protect a business from forced entry and other concerns. Because they are difficult to penetrate, people who would try to break into your building or office will be deterred.

These locking mechanisms do this by using advanced features such as custom keys, biometric readers, and so on. In the case of high-security padlocks, you might see solid steel bodies as an indication of their top security level.

These types of locks are designed for extreme durability and resistance against tampering or damage from various sources.

In some cases, high-security locks come with tamper alerts that tell you if someone has tried to access them without authorization.

This can be a helpful feature for businesses because it allows you to determine whether there has been an issue, such as a malfunction or tampering.

Is there a list of High-Security Locks?

The most common high-security locks are the following:

Deadbolt locks – these are also known as deadlocks. They help prevent an intruder from entering by locking automatically when they close. Rather than only working with a key, you’ll typically find them connected to electronic devices that allow access through PIN or fingerprint recognition features.

Cylinder locks – another type of keyless lock is one that uses a pin tumbler cylinder instead of a standard knob. These cylinders vary in size but can be up to 12 inches long and made with advanced materials for added security benefits. Because they only require the correct key to open them, cylinder keys are often used in conjunction with other types of high-security locks.

Padlocks – small padlocks use a shackle that can’t be easily cut or broken. This means it requires a special key to open them and the design is harder to pick than standard locks. You’ll typically see these used with other high-security types for optimal protection in extreme cases of tampering or forced entry.

There are also advanced models of cylinder locks that are designed to work with electronic locking mechanisms, fingerprint readers, combination keys, retina scanners, and more. These are often used in conjunction with deadbolt locks for maximum security when you need them most.

High-security locks can be found anywhere there needs to be restricted access to certain materials or property. They make penetration much more difficult because they require innovative technology and customization options in order to be unlocked properly.

Can all locks be picked?

The truth about picking locks is that most standard types can be picked with the right tools. This can mean using a simple lockpick or even something as common as a paperclip.

High-security locks do not allow for this type of access because they are built with added security features meant to make it difficult for criminals to exploit traditional weaknesses.

Even if someone does manage to get past your front door, high-security mechanisms are designed to hold up against tampering or destruction in order to deter further damage to your property.

What are the most secure locks??

High-security locks have a strict set of guidelines they must abide by to be considered for this category.

For the most part, they are tested in two ways: in a controlled environment and under extreme conditions in a simulated attack.

The idea behind both tests is that the lock should be able to hold up against tampering or damage from various sources.

In controlled environments, locks are subjected to testing methods such as malfunctions and environmental factors like humidity, corrosion, temperature changes, etc.

In cases where these types of high-security models fail at being properly evaluated, there’s often an added secondary test involving forced entry tools like pry bars.

How much does a high-security lock cost?

The cost of a high-security lock varies depending on the type and manufacturer.

Models that are built specifically to be tamper-proof or have additional added security features will typically cost more than standard locksets.

Whether you’re looking at doors, safes, storage units, mailboxes, etc., there is no price range for this type of protection because they can vary greatly in size and design.

What materials are most common with high-security locks?

High-security locks are designed with advanced materials that are meant to be nearly indestructible when it comes to being exploited by outside sources.

This means manufacturers use special alloys along with other elements like gemstones or carbon fiber, which is one reason why these types of locks are more expensive than standard options.

Cylinders can be made with materials such as steel, titanium, brass, and other very durable compounds.

More commonly seen in padlocks is a shackle made from alloys or metal dust so they won’t be cut easily by any type of tool.

What kind of keys do high-security locks use?

Because high-security locks require additional security measures to gain access, there’s no single key that works for every lock.

A specialized cutting tool called an impressioning key is often used to create the perfect match for each lockset.

This allows manufacturers to determine how much force needs to go into cutting each one as well as customizing them depending on who will be using the equipment afterward.

High-security keys are specifically designed to work with some of the more intricate high-security mechanisms on locksets.

These are usually key cards, which are inserted into slots and read by electromagnetic strips, or controlled key systems that require specially encoded cards for access.

Why should you consider using a high-security lock?

There are lots of reasons why every industry has something to gain from utilizing these types of locks.

For one thing, they can help reduce insurance costs because their resistance level makes it difficult for criminals to exploit your business.

Another benefit is increased peace of mind knowing your employees and visitors will be better protected.

And though the initial purchase might seem like it costs more, the fact that they are built to last much longer than standard models will save you money in the long run.

What is the strongest lock for a door?

Mostly, it depends on what has to be protected and who’s trying to access it. High-security locks are beneficial because they have proven their strength against tampering attempts of forced entry.

For example, if you have a business with a high turnover rate, these locks will also help employees from losing their keys so there’s not as much of a need for replacements.

Some manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties when you purchase their high-end product lines, which is yet another reason why this type of lock provides better value in the long run.

What does a high-security padlock do that standard ones don’t?

High-security padlocks use alloy shackle technology that cannot be cut off by power tools such as bolt cutters.

Manufacturers can also add several additional security features like gemstones or carbon fiber that increase the cost of these locks.

High-security padlocks are often used by companies who deal with pricey equipment and merchandise, such as warehouses for high-end retailers.

They’re also perfect in locations where you want to provide a higher level of protection without disrupting regular business operations.

While both types offer toughness and durability against wear and tear, standard models use only hardened steel whereas special alloys and other elements are used in high-security shackle padlocks to make them tougher than ever before.

What is impressioning? What does it mean when someone “impression’s” a key?

Impressioning is a specialized method of cutting keys that are used to open high-security locks.

The additional security measures built into these locks require an impressioning key, which can be custom-made for each lock manufactured with its own unique cuts.

This allows the manufacturer to determine how much pressure needs to go into cutting each one so they are as secure as possible.

Only specific keys work properly and precisely within the mechanism of a high-security lock, and this is why it’s essential that you use an impressioning key when you need to access one of these devices.

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