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High Tech Locks Houston TX713 Locksmith Houston resolves problems that involve a wide array of new high tech locks. We provide a licensed, bonded, and insured, comprehensive, ’round the clock locksmith service. With 5+ years of experience in this technical field, our expert technicians can meet your needs for honest and reliable mobile locksmiths. We furnish 30 min response times in many cases. Our staff will give your concerns fast and friendly attention when you call our office. Plus, we take pride in offering clear, up front pricing. You will not receive unpleasant surprises at the end of one of our service calls: all the charges will be discussed with you in advance, so that you can provide prior approval.

Our Services

Our company offers a full range of professional services necessary to install and repair a number of highly complex lock mechanisms. Today, rapid advances in security and computer technology have changed the level of complexity involved in delivering comprehensive locksmith services. From Internet-connected security systems allowing keyless entry to sophisticated locking devices attached to gates, buildings, residential units, business premises, refrigeration units, vaults, and retail outlets, the variety of locks available today for different purposes requires a very high level of competence. You need to retain a locksmith who will provide ongoing training to employees, so that they will gain experience addressing many different types of locks and associated mechanisms. This industry grows in complexity with the development of sophisticated new technology. Here are just a few of the complicated locks that our technicians can service.

Keypad Locks

Many security systems require owners to input codes through a keypad in order to gain access to specific protected areas. Malfunctioning components can cause business disruptions and raise security concerns. Our technicians can address these problems with confidence, and we will resolve your keypad lock problems with minimal delays. We also excel in keyless entry installation for businesses and homes.

Biometric Locks

Biometric Door Locks Houston TXThese types of technically sophisticated locks appear with increasing frequency today in situations requiring a strong level of security. The lock mechanism responds only to the specific unique features, such as irises and fingerprints, of individuals authorized to access protected material. These computerized locking systems offer enhanced security protection, but technicians must possess a high level of training and expertise in order to install, maintain, and repair these locks.

Electronic Locks

Today, these complex mechanisms protect a wide array of structures, from time-sensitive vaults to some hotel and motel room entrances. Especially in places of heavy use, units may require routine maintenance in order to function correctly. Our well-trained technicians can safely install, check, and repair the components of these modern locks. We endeavor to minimize your costs by providing speedy, capable service. If you experience a problem opening or locking a door that utilizes electronic locks, do not hesitate to call us to resolve this problem for you immediately.

Smartphone-Controlled Locks

These types of high tech locks can be opened by owners at a distance; naturally, repair sometimes requires a high level of familiarity with the Internet and computer software and hardware technology. Entrust the maintenance of these types of locks only to qualified locksmiths. We can help you evaluate whether this type of lock best meets your needs.

Why Our Clients Depend on Us

Call 713 Locksmith Houston to install, repair, and maintain all your high tech locks in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Our complete locksmith service provides fast and friendly service to address any issues involving biometric locks, electronic locks, smartphone-controlled locks, and keyless entry systems. Our honest, dependable, expert technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We offer 24×7 locksmith service and take pride in promoting incredibly rapid 30 min response times on service calls conducted in Houston, TX. Let our 5+ years experience in this dynamic industry and our policy of upfront pricing help you the next time you require capable mobile locksmiths to resolve your high tech lock problems. As a complete locksmith service for high tech locks, we install and repair many different types of locks, including complex keypad locks and electronic deadbolts. You will be happy you chose us to provide complete care for your high tech locks!


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