You may not know it, but chances are you need to rekey your locks. 

A lot of people don’t think about rekeying their locks until it’s too late.

And by then, they’re dealing with the hassle and expense of a lockout. is here to help. We offer top-quality lock rekeying services for homes and businesses in Houston, TX.

Our team of experienced professionals can have your locks rekeyed quickly and affordably.

The average American home has over three doors, with at least one of these being a lock.

Rekeying locks is a quick and inexpensive way to improve the security of your home! In fact, it’s estimated that more than 80% of homeowners never rekey their locks. Don’t be part of this statistic.

Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Rekey Your Locks.

1) New locks improve the security of your home

A new lock will provide maximum protection against break-ins since it has been engineered using today’s latest technology.

The days of a single-pin tumbler lock are over, and your home deserves a lock that’s a cut above.

A new high-security lock will have a wider variety of pins and other components which will provide more security than the typical single or double pin tumbler locks on most homes.

2) You can’t remember the last time you changed the locks

If it has been several years since you changed your locks, chances are they’re not as secure as they need to be.

Don’t wait until someone tries to break in before you change them!

A professional rekeying service will ensure that all of your locks’ pins and springs are working properly and that your locks resist picking and bumping.

3) Your keys don’t work well anymore

Do you frequently find yourself scrounging around for your lost keys? This is a sure sign that your locks need to be rekeyed.

Your old locks are likely worn, and their pins are no longer engaging the lock cylinder correctly. A professional rekeying service can fix this problem quickly!

4) You inherited your house from someone else

If you’ve recently become the new owner of a home or business, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly secured before you move in.

A new high-security lock will provide you with maximum protection at an affordable price. Rekeying services are especially helpful since they will allow you to reuse all of the original hardware on your doors.

You don’t have to worry about having unnecessary duplicates made if all of your locks are rekeyed!

5) Your locks are old and outdated

If your locks have been in service for over 15 years, chances are they need to be rekeyed. Older locks don’t have the same number of pins or other security components that newer ones do.

Don’t wait until you get locked out again! A professional rekeying service will ensure that your home is protected against break-ins.

6) You want to change the levels of access in your home or business

Do you need more than one set of keys for all of the people who live in your household?

Rekeying services can help provide everyone with their own unique key while ensuring that only certain individuals retain access to specific parts of your home or business.

A rekeying service will allow you to change the access levels of your locks without replacing them.

7) You lost your keys and someone else has a copy

Do you have a friend or neighbor who claims they don’t have a copy of your house key? This is a common problem for people who have shared copies of their old lock’s keys with family members, close friends, or trusted co-workers.

While there may not be any problem in the immediate future, all it takes is one momentary lapse of memory before a critical situation arises!

Don’t let that happen to you. Avoid the hassle and expense of being locked out by having all of your locks rekeyed!

8) Someone presented forged documents claiming to be your locksmith

Be cautious when choosing a rekeying service.

Ask for identification and check online to see if there are any complaints about the company you’re considering working with.

It’s better to spend some extra time now than to be sorry later! If you’ve already had your locks rekeyed by an unlicensed locksmith, it’s best to change your locks entirely.

9) Your key looks like it was made in someone else’s house

If the markings on your current keys look indistinguishable from those of other sets in your home, chances are they were all cut using the same set of keys.

This can lead to serious problems, especially if one or more of those sets belongs to someone who isn’t supposed to have access to your home or business!

A professional rekeying service will make sure that all of your locks are properly cut, with no chance of them being duplicated elsewhere.

10) You don’t know who has copies of your keys

If you’ve ever given a set of keys to someone – whether it was for an old lock or a new one – chances are they’re still out there somewhere.

Not everyone is trustworthy enough to safeguard their copy, and this presents problems when people unknowingly give the wrong versions back to you.

Avoid these troubles by having all of your locks rekeyed! It’s better to spend some extra money now than worry about losing access to your property later!

FAQs about Reasons to Rekey Your Locks

What is a rekey?

A lock rekey changes the internal pins of the lock so that they do not match the current key being used.

In this way, even though your door hardware stays the same, all of your locks will have different keys. Rekeying service replaces the pinning configuration inside each of your cylinders with a new one.

This means that it’s impossible to use an old key on a rekeyed lock. Changing the number of pins ensures that only a key made specifically for a lock can open it!

While existing locks can be easily duplicated by anyone who has access to them, properly rekeyed locks cannot be picked or bumped open since their security feature cannot be defeated using conventional methods.

How much does a rekey cost?

The total price for your lock rekey depends on the number of doors and locks you want to have serviced. The more you want to be changed, the higher the price will be.

As with any service, prices are based on the amount of time it takes for professionals to get the job done.

If you want certain locks to remain functional while others are being worked on during a rekeying service appointment, keep in mind that this may increase the total price of your order.

It is best to work out all of these details with your trusted locksmith before requesting an official estimate!

Even if there are no extra charges incurred by changing some locks but not others, it’s still important that you ask about all costs and upgrades beforehand so you aren’t surprised when they send you a bill.

What types of locks can be rekeyed?

The short answer: all of them! There is no lock that cannot be rekeyed by a qualified technician, although it’s best to double-check with whoever will actually be performing the job in case there are certain exceptions they might know about.

Some examples include deadbolts, knob sets, sash locks, cylindrical locks, pocket door mortise hardware, and more.

Whatever type of hardware you have installed at your property can be rekeyed as long as someone knowledgeable has access to it!

Keep in mind that most professional rekeying services charge for additional parts or labor if they have to switch out large components for smaller ones.

Rekeying service is an affordable alternative to full lock replacement, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your locks are secure and safe from intruders without breaking the bank!

What are some common reasons to get a rekey?

  • Changing property management companies
  • Selling or renting a home
  • Access control issues at schools or business properties
  • Lockouts or lock changes due to damage caused by others
  • Loss of keys by tenants, family members, friends, etc.

The list of reasons goes on…the important thing professionals recommend is to get your locks rekeyed by a trusted company ASAP if any of these problems arise.

The longer you wait, the higher your risk becomes of someone gaining unauthorized access to your home or business. Don’t let this happen to you!

What is a master key?

A master key system allows a locksmith or other professional to open every lock in a building – including deadbolts, knob sets, and other types – using one single key.

This type of service is incredibly convenient for businesses that often need to open multiple establishments, such as hotels that have both an inside suite lock and outside door handle.

In these cases, it makes more sense for all employees to have access to just one key instead of several different ones which they might easily misplace!

A rekeyed master key system is the best way for a business to upgrade its security while making it easier for workers to do their jobs.

What are some common questions about rekeying?

Do I have to replace all my locks after rekeying?

No – although many people find that updating everything makes them feel safer than before, you only need to change the locks that don’t work with your current key.

Every single lock in your home or business should be checked by a professional to figure out which ones will effectively protect your property.

Can I just buy new keys instead of paying for a complete rekey service?

Yes! Although this is not always possible since many companies require customers to pay for labor along with any replacement parts they may need, sometimes it is possible.

If you have a secure job and feel confident in your ability to manage this task yourself, then simply purchasing new keys from a local hardware store may be easier for your family or business.

How much does rekeying cost?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to pricing because every property is different with unique locks requiring different kinds of work!

Furthermore, some types of locks are more challenging than others and will obviously need more time and labor to complete the job properly.

However, most companies offer free estimates on their website based on what they see at the property itself – just make sure that any technicians who come out give an official quote before asking you to sign anything since not all places charge the same fee for this type of service.

What is the most important thing to remember about rekeying?

Whatever you do, don’t put off getting your locks rekeyed if they’ve been compromised in any way! Even if all the keys are accounted for and nobody suspicious has access, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Rekeying services may seem like an unnecessary luxury at first but after a little research, you’ll likely find that they’re well worth it when it comes to protecting your property from both intruders and lockouts alike!

You have a lot of locks in your house. Do you know how many keys are floating around out there?

There’s no way to tell if someone has made copies of the key that opens your front door, or any other lock for that matter.

If you don’t want strangers wandering into your home while you are away, rekeying is an inexpensive solution. It will also help prevent burglars from stealing property and hurting people inside your home.

Rekeying is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect yourself against burglary and unauthorized entry into your home or business.

It can be done quickly by our trained technicians without replacing any hardware on the doors or windows they secure.

We offer 24/7 emergency service so we can come out at anytime day or night! No need to worry about us showing up late when it matters most because we always arrive on time!

And best yet, we guarantee all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! So what do you say? Are you ready to make sure only those who should be entering through those doors get access?

Contact 713locksmith today for more information about rekeying services!

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