24 Locksmith HoustonNot only can locking yourself out of your apartment be quite awkward and embarrassing, but can also be risky. Especially if you have forgotten to switch off the oven or your kids are inside the house! If you consider the inconvenience and stress that comes with locking yourself out (and the time as well as trouble needed to gain entrance into your home again), you will realize that taking precautions against such scenarios is imperative.
As we are always concerned about your safety and security, in this article we have explained a number of tips to make sure you never lock yourself out your apartment again.

Know Your Key Location

As simple as this recommendation sounds, it is an important measure that people often overlook. Imbibe the habit of consistently paying attention to where the keys to your house are. Do not carelessly throw them anywhere after walking in the door because through such act of negligence, it is quite probable that you will forget to go out with them. Ensure that you put the keys in a special place — one that is easily accessible and that you normally walk past before leaving.

Teach Yourself Handy Memory Habits

If you often forget your keys, purses, wallets, and similar items, it may be helpful that you develop some memory tricks for practicing before you leave your home. Such habits could include constantly checking to know if you’ve taken your keys, phone, and wallet before stepping out of the house. With daily use of these tricks, you should discover it’s nearly impossible to lock yourself outside your home.

Try Key-less Digital Locks

Have you tried using digital locks? Maybe it’s time you did! This kind of locks has high-level security and offer great convenience. Our qualified locksmiths can help you install one easily. Keyless digital locks allow the installation of series of user codes; this means you will not have to depend on your key for entering your home.

Consider Distributing Spare Keys

Looking for ways to enter your home after locking yourself can be a chore. But by taking pre-emptive measures, such happenings won’t be much of a problem. One of these measures is to distribute spare keys among your family, friends as well as neighbors that you trust. So to get back into your apartment, all you need is a phone call, or take a brief walk down the street. Alternatively, you can try and keep a spare key in your car or at your workplace to handle cases of locking yourself outside.


Though locking yourself out of your home can be one of troublesome mini emergencies of life (which everyone has done a couple of times) you can reduce the frequency of occurrence of such scenarios with a bit of pre-planning and taking precautions. But if the situation becomes worse, ensure that you have saved the number of our local locksmith beforehand on your handset (Insert number). This will help you get professional help on time.

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