24 Locksmith HoustonBeing a home owner, you may definitely want to ensure the safety features of your home to avoid the hazardous happenings when you are away. In order to strengthen the defense of your house, there is a need of some important things and tools. In that way, door locks are the ultimate equipment that can help you to guard your household products from the burglars and thieves. However, selecting the best and effective residential locks is the most crucial thing that you need to concentrate for buying. Of course, there are various kinds of the residential locks offered by residential locksmiths and therefore, you can choose the right one among them by considering some essential things.

Varieties of the locksets used in the homes

When it comes to buying the best locks for ensuring your home’s security, there are too many kinds of the locks are available to choose from. Especially, key locks are still remaining its ultimate features even today. In that manner, some kinds of the locks that you can choose are listed as follows.

Double cylinder deadbolts – These kinds of the locks are so safe and strong among all the key locks for the homes. Since the deadbolts are so strong and hard to break, it is impossible for the burglars to break the lock without damaging the entire door or the frame.

Privacy locks – This is the other kind of the locking option which is ideal to use in the bathrooms and bedrooms too. In this type, there is a traditional door knob less the spy-hole. In the interior part, there is a button that should be pressed. If the knob is turned, the button will be popped out and the door will be unlocked. As it is easy for children to use, this lock is ideal for homes.

Single cylinder deadbolts – Unlike the double cylinder deadbolt lock, this is so simple to use. Here, the interior portion is installed with the thumb lock which can be turned by hand. You can only use the key in the outer area to get the entry. In most of the cases, people have added this feature to their home where there are the traditional locks is used.

Keyed entry locks – These kinds of the locks are the predominant type in the world of the locks. Of course, there are different kinds of the locks that are available in the different varieties, sizes and thicknesses too.

Passage doorknobs – This kind of the doorknobs cannot be locked and they are mainly used for the pantries and closets in the homes. Especially, this is so ideal to use in rooms of kids to give ease of access. Furthermore, this does not make any problems in locking and unlocking operations.

Passage lockset – This is the lockset which has double knob sets along with multiple locking procedures. These are highly used in the apartments and homes which are in unsafe neighborhoods.

Keyless entry systems – This is the utmost advanced high tech system that can be often seen in the modern homes. Here, the keypad or the thumbprint recognition systems are used to get the entry without any keys. It is possible to restrict the entry of the strangers in this mode of the locks.

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