24 Locksmith HoustonLocks keep us safe, they guarantee a security. We use locks for our home, locker, suitcases, cupboards, drawers, and vehicles. Use anything and it brings along with it, chances of failure and need for repair and maintenance. So, if you have ever been caught in a situation wherein you needed to fetch a Houston locksmith to undo a lock, I can feel the desperation in your heart. Here is an account of worst case scenarios wherein I have myself been a victim.

Luggage Locked

Imagine you are on your dream vacation and you are unable to unlock the suitcase containing your clothes and necessities. Happened to me once. I had forgotten the code to unlock the suitcase and the first day of vacation started with trouble and anxiety. Of course, I would have broken down the suitcase lock and accessed my stuff. But that was an expensive gifted suitcase and so it was taken to a Houston locksmith. Don’t even ask me the suspicious and wry look he gave me.

Cupboard Locked

I used to live in a girl’s hostel in college. Everyone was given a cupboard to put their clothes and books. I locked my cell phone in the cupboard and went to college. I came back to a furious looking roommate who blamed me for my incessantly ringing cellphone, for disturbing her sleep and study hours. To add to the drama, I had lost the cupboard keys. My friend brought a hammer to break the lock but it was hostel property and so had to be respected. A Houston locksmith was called by the warden. To my dismay, my mom scolded me for not picking up the phone for so long.

Bedroom Locked

Yes, I can hear you say, why worry! Sleep it away. I would have but the bedroom didn’t have an attached bathroom. And nature call doesn’t stop and understand your problems. Our bedroom lock was jammed and I avoided its repair till the imaginable happened. A gusty wind from the window slammed the bedroom door shut and I was stuck inside without phone. By God’s grace, my toddler who was playing in the adjoining room called our neighbors (the front door wasn’t locked, thankfully). A Houston locksmith was brought home and I was rescued.

Home Locked

I bet that has happened to many of us. Locked outside the house in pajamas without a phone and wallet. All of a sudden, you start feeling hungry, thirsty and cold or sweaty. You yearn for the comfort of the home like never before. Also, it is too embarrassing to tell your neighbor how stupid you had just been. Call the Houston locksmith and enter your home with humility.

Car Locked

Stupid things happen to me or maybe I am stupid. In a hurry to get things done, I once left the car keys in the ignition to get some things from a shop. The car got locked with keys inside. A Houston locksmith rescued me from my misery.

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