When it comes to home security in Houston TX, the window is one of the most neglected or overlooked security feature. A lot of people tend to spend quite a lot on purchasing solid doors, high-tech, wonderful door alarms and security door locks while neglecting the windows thus serving as the weakest points of entry into your house. Most unauthorized entries into the home are carried out from the window thus the major reason why you should make them burglar-proof.

When a burglar comes to your Houston home, there is a high probability the first point of call will be the windows. This is mainly because these burglars are aware of the fact that individuals have neglected these important household fittings and they are very easy to access. In this article, we shall be educating you on the various ways to make your windows burglar proof. See also how to make your doors burglar proof.

1. Use of Reinforced Glass

This is mostly for glass windows and it involves reinforcing your windows with security materials such as tempered glass which is much more durable and resilient than the traditional glass used in making windows. The others types of glasses that can be utilized for this purpose are listed below;

  • Use of laminated glass
  • Safety glass
  • Bullet resistant glass for extra security

2. Polycarbonate & Plexiglas Windows

Plexiglas windows are made from acrylic plastic which comes with the same thickness as traditional glasses. Plexiglas windows are most preferred because they offer 10 times resistance than the traditional window glasses. While the polycarbonate windows are more expensive, they provide more resistance than safety glasses and acrylic windows combined.

3. Decorative window bars

This is the most controversial window security method in Houston because most people are of the view that it leaves their house looking more like a prison than a residential apartment. This involves the use of iron bars on your windows to make your windows more attractive while providing an added layer of security. This serves as a barrier to the burglar even if s/he is able to smash the glass. It is quite impossible to squeeze through these bars. Although quite very effective, it has met more criticism than any other form of window security.

4. Installing Window Alarms

Window alarms come in different types and designs to suit your window design and taste. They also come in different grades and categories ranging from the most simple window sensor alarm which detects when a window is forcefully opened to the SmartHome Window alarms which come incorporated with wireless options and are easy to install and operate. The high-tech window alarms allow you to customize the settings.

5. Using Window Locks

When it comes to the security of your Houston home, the power of a good lock cannot be overemphasized. When it comes to securing your windows against burglar attacks, Deadbolts and other locks are great. These come in different categories ranging from the simple window pin locks to the hefty window locks that are visible from the outside.


Locks are important to have all over the place. And your window is the gateway to your home. Pay special attention to them because you could end up in a battle against an intruder!

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