Imagine the sensation of free falling on your first drop in. The wave is 3 times your height (2 story building). You free fall the first 3 feet but the rear fins connect to the waves surface and you zip right down the face of the wave. In what feels like a 90 mile an hour ride was more like 30 miles an hour. But still on a huge wave like that it is humongous!

About me. Manager of media of 713 Locksmith.

surferFrom the first day that I dared to ride a skateboard down the hills of Point Loma, to the first day in La Jolla that I busted a 360 air, I will always remember the moment that it all started to come together. I can be a locksmith and see the world so that I can surf Bali, Hawaii, Florida, South Africa. And you know what!? It all worked out! So far I keep on surfing and now I am 66 years old! Can you even imagine that a man as old as me can be still running a locksmith business and surfing great surf spot around the world every 4 months! That is the rule in my life. I surf a cool surf spot every 4 months of my life. The trip is between 2-3 weeks. I go on my surf safari. Get great waves (hopefully) and drink Corona’s at night before bed, to do it all over the next day!

This last trip brought me to Columbia. And I got barreled every wave! No wipe outs. In a pipe? Yes. That is right. The waves in Columbia were perfect for a smaller sized person like me. I was getting in the tube easy. I would pop out of it, catch air off of the lip, then one footer it right through the pipe to the face of the wave. I never got it on video because most of those days were really nights when the lights cannot shine out past the shorebreak.

On my last Houston locksmith call one of our fine wonderful female clients asked me how I stay in shape. I told her what I described above; I go surfing every 4 months for 2-4 weeks somewhere awesome in the world. The last time I went to Columbia and surfed at night somewhere that no one else has and no one will ever know where I was either. It is that legendary!

Yes, I understand that my 66 year old arms and chest are the benefit of surfing so much. But I would disagree really because I am actually really active. I am as active as a 32 year old man. I am really really active. My stamina is off of the charts for a 66 year young man like myself. I can swim through the shore break, past the biggest breakers, around the point, through the swarm of manta rays, then body surf my elbows back in. Don’t believe me? That I actually have videos of on YouTube.

Being active is an important part of the Houston locksmith business. We all have this image of the fat slobby locksmith (kinda like a dirty plumber) coming over to our nice car and jimmying the lock only to be scared that later he is going to come by with some guy named Javier to take the car for a joyride to Mexico. That how most other Houston locksmiths are. I know! Well, I am also fit. Strong. And I like to work hard. I like to get in. Get out. Get the job done for my customers!

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