Why You Need Professionals For Garage Door Installation

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Garage DoorsWhy You Need Professionals For Garage Door Installation


Professional Garage door installation may sound like an easily doable and simple task but the truth is that it is way more tricky to properly install garage doors as compared to fitting regular doors. Installation of garage doors can not only be difficult but it can also be dangerous depending on what kind of door you have chosen for your garage. In the Houston area, most people prefer automatic sliding garage doors, which are heavier and come with electric fittings and cables. Trying to fit it by yourself can be dangerous as might shock yourself or hurt yourself while doing all the heavy lifting.


Hence for the proper installation of garage doors, you need a dedicated team of experienced professionals who can fix it in no time and without any hassles for you. At 713 Locksmith Houston, we have a team of experienced technicians who are well versed with a range of different models of automatic as well as manual garage doors. We provide flexible schedules and cost-effective services. Our dedicated 24-hour customer support is just a call away in case of any issues.


Trust us, when it comes to garage doors, you do not want to turn this into a DIY project. However, before you reach the installation part, we understand that you have to choose the right kind of door to buy. This can get a little overwhelming sometimes with the plethora of options available in the US market. Fret not, we have come up with a list of the most suitable garage doors and their descriptions to help you choose the best model for your garage space.


There is no dearth of new designs and styles in the market when it comes to garage doors. However, here are the two most common and widely popular ones-


  • Sectional: Sectional garage doors are actually the most common model in the United States, especially in the Houston, TX and other surrounding areas. These doors are basically made up of sectional panels connected together with hinges. Sectional doors have wheels at the edges of each panel that help the sections roll into vertical tracks on each side of the opening of the door. These doors either sit parallel to the ceiling when opened completely and are in lime with the walls when closed. High-tension springs attached to cables above the opening facilitate the easy operation of the door and also hold it from drifting down if you want to open it only partially.


Some of the main reasons behind the popularity of this type of garage door are that they are made from steel and hence are low maintenance. Plus, they can be easily customized to suit your texture, color, and design requirements while adding an aesthetic value to your garage.


These doors come in insulated as well as non-insulated models and owing to the different parts like panels, tracks, cables, and hinges, it can be a little tricky to install. The technicians at 713 Locksmith are well trained and equipped with the required tools to easily install sectional garage doors in your space.


  • Roll-up: Roll-up garage doors are more in commercial spaces and are a no-frills design built specifically for areas with confined or restricted ceiling space. Made using 2″-3″ steel slat sections, this design rolls around a drum above the opening of the door.


Also known as Coiling doors, these designs are durable and are high-performance units that can be built without springs. These doors can withstand harsh weather conditions and are rust as well as corrosion-free. Due to the heavy-duty nature of this model, the upfront costs are much higher as compared to sectional garage doors.


In a commercial space, you do not want to risk having the door ill fixed, especially after spending so much money on a heavy-duty high-performance model. 713 Locksmith not only ensures that your roll-up doors are installed properly but also reviews the installation after the work is complete to make sure it is closing and opening smoothly.


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713 Locksmith Houston is a top-rated company and a trusted brand name in the Houston area when it comes to garage door installation, garage door repair, burglary damage repair, lock change and replacement, ignition switch replacement and repair among other services. 713 Locksmith Houston has been providing Houston, TX and other surrounding areas with commercial and residential locksmith services for more than five years.


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