Garage Door Repair

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garage door repairGarage Door Repair

Even the most reliable garage doors eventually bite the dust and sometimes need major repairs. It might get overwhelming to decide on the right way to get your garage door repair done. Worry not, at 713 Locksmith Houston we cater to your garage door installation as well as repair needs by providing round-the-clock emergency services and excellent customer support.


At 713 Locksmith Houston, we understand that exploring the repair needs of a garage door might get a little difficult especially for those who have little or no knowledge of how a certain model works. Let us share a few common issues that may arise with your garage doors:


Noisy Garage Doors


Sometimes even new garage doors can start creating noise inviting inconvenience especially if there is a patient or small kid in your home. Noisy garage door can be a result of harsh or drastic weather changes or troubled hinges. Before you get upset and worried about this problem, here is a DIY pro tip for you- try oiling or lubricating the hinges. You can buy a lubricant oil at any general hardware store in your neighbourhood.


However, if this does not work, may be your hinges need to be replaced. Just give us a call and expert engineers from 713 Locksmith Houston will perform a thorough inspection followed by the required repair services.


Frozen Garage Doors


This problem occurs commonly during chilly winter season when the doors can get frozen making it difficult to smoothly open and close them. Sometimes, it can be just a little ice trapped and might get free if you open and close the door two-three times. However, if the door still refuses to budge, it is likely because of a more serious problem. In that situation, we are happy to help with professional advice and the right services.


From stripped gears to broken springs and a burned-out motor to frozen hinges- 713 Locksmith Houston will help repair your frozen garage door at the most reasonable prices in the area.


Broken Glass in Garage Doors


If your garage shares the same space as your yard, kids are bound to play and more often than not leave your door glass broken. It is important to repair the broken glass immediately, as this can be a safety issue what with birds and insects taking up residence in your garage. This might also be a security concern. At 713 Locksmith Houston, we are equipped to change glass panels and we also provide emergency services.


Say for example, if you have to go to a 10-day spring vacation the next morning, worry not, we will send a team overnight and replace our garage door’s broken glass.


Safety Concerns and Security Issues

If the door and door opener are not maintained regularly, it might lead to mishaps or accidents. There have been a number of cases of pets or even children getting crushed and injured under poorly maintained garage doors that just fall off suddenly. If your garage door opener is very old, it is always advisable to replace it.


However, even after getting a new garage door, it is of utmost importance to get is checked and maintained on a regular basis. Our technicians come with years of experience and industry expertise to gauge, assess and analyse faulty doors, and advise the right plan of action accordingly.


At 713 Locksmith Houston, we also provide services like high tech locks, deadbolt locks and high security (Grade 1) locks that ensure maximum security for your garage.


713 Locksmith Houston – The Ideal Choice for Garage Door Repair in Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas


Using our online query form you can save both money and time, and make a service request. Additionally, you also get special discounts if you contact us online. However, if your garage door needs tending to immediately or you are interested in speaking to one of our expert customer care executives to seek guidance on repairs, feel free to give us a call at (713) 955-1009.


Our well-trained staff of expert technicians will make sure that your doors are fixed and functioning properly. Our charges are reasonable with no extra or hidden fees and we strive to provide you with the best services within strict deadlines. Call us to know more about our services today!





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