Locksmithtech (2)While it is quite possible in certain cases to handle car key cutting on your own, the truth of the matter is that this is the kind of task that should more often than not be left up to the professionals. At the same time, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn more about the process that serves to define automotive key cutting. When you know about the work involved, which can vary from one vehicle to the next, it might prove easier to express your problem to your locksmith.

It should also go without saying that you’re going to want professionals with plenty of experience in the world of automotive key cutting. You should also make sure you’re working with someone who can provide you with key cutting services at any hour of the day or night.

What Does Automotive Key Cutting Entail?

The key cutting process is rather involved. There are several different possibilities that you can explore. In the end, your locksmith will discuss the best process for cutting your keys, and getting you back on the road.

There are several different elements to automotive key cutting that you should keep in mind:

• There are numerous ways in which to cut new car keys: Generally speaking, car keys can be cut utilizing existing car keys. You can also have new keys cut with codes. Codes can be obtained through the VIN, but you can also have a key decoded. In certain situations, you can have the ignition cylinder decoded.
• The fastest method: As you can imagine, the fastest method for having new car keys cut is to have a new key made from the existing one. This can often be done in just a few minutes, but it can depend on how quickly the key blank is obtained. The ignition cylinder method is generally the slowest method.
• If you don’t have your original key, don’t panic: Getting the code through the VIN can work more often than not, but you will want to note that this service can sometimes cost a little more than having a key made from the original. The extra cost is largely because your locksmith will need to access the vehicle database. You will also need to verify that you are the true owner of your vehicle.
• As long as a key exists that can open your car, your locksmith can have a new one created for you in hardly any time at all.

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