Laser Car Key Cutting 713The car’s transponder key is important in providing another level of security and protection against car theft. With transponder car keys, the car will not start if there is no response from the circuit or the code transmitted is not correct. Hence, the car cannot be hot-wired. Forcing the ignition cylinder will never start the car and in some car models, the car will get completely immobilized whenever an incorrect key will be used or entered. In addition, duplicating the transponder keys will be very difficult.

Understanding How the Car Transponder Keys Work

Most of the key cars today are already manufactured with built-in chips. This is also why sometimes they are referred to as chip keys. Typically, these chips are hidden inside the key itself. The chip circuit has the ability to send and receive signals both to and from a specifically designed antenna which is directly located at the ignition cylinder. Every time that the transponder car key is turned in at the ignition, the computer system of the car will then transmit or pass on a low-level radio signal that the car can detect through the transponder circuit. If the car’s antenna will receive the right response or code, that is the time the car’s engine will start or operate.

What Happens if Your Automotive Transponder Keys Stop Working?

Shit happens. It happens even in your transponder keys(yes, especially when you are already running in late for work). And you don’t need to worry. You are not alone in this dilemma. Unfortunately, when your vehicle’s transponder keys won’t work, your car won’t be able to operate. If the code entered is not recognized your car will not start too. You may need the help of professional automotive technician or locksmith in order to get your vehicle back on the road. At times if the problem is particularly in the circuit programming information, you may possibly need to contact your auto dealer for help.

What Could be Wrong? The Top 7 Ways Most People Damage Their Car Transponder Keys

The technology behind the transponder keys has somehow helped in preventing auto theft. It has been one of the excellent virtual car protections made which was introduced in 1995. Although not a perfect solution, it has at least make car theft more difficult and illegitimate car key duplications are prevented to happen.

However, there may be times when you may lose your transponder key or encounter trouble with your transponder keys. This can be very difficult albeit frustrating. But don’t worry a locksmith or professional technician should be able to help. You can also go to your car dealership for solutions. Meanwhile, here are the top 7 ways the transponder keys may get damaged:

1. The key has snapped off.
2. The key is already worn out. As in other electronic parts, transponder keys are also subject to wear and tear.
3. The key got jammed in the vehicle’s ignition. The key cannot be detached from the ignition and turning it is next to impossible.
4. The key has snapped off at the car’s ignition
5. The key has run into a computer system error.
6. The key has suffered from an electronic dysfunction.
7. The key’s programming has gone erratic and must be reprogrammed by a locksmith who understands transponder key programming.

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